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Paramasivan kazhuthil irunthu

Paramasivan kazhuthil irunthu
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1. Paramasivan kazhuthil irunthu pambu kettathu-
Garuda soukhyama? Yaarum  irukkum idathil irunthu kondal  ,
Yellam soukhyame. Garudan cjonnathu,
Athil  artham ullathu.
1.The snake from the neck of lord  Shiva asked,
“Oh Garuda , are you Ok?. If all people stay ,
In theplace that   they should stay , every one is Ok, said Garuda
There  is  a  meaning  there.
2.Uyarntha  idathil irukkum pothu  ,ulagam unnai mathikkum,
Un nilamai konjam irangi vanthaal  , Nizhalum kooda mithikkum,
Mathiyaathor thalai vaasal mithiyathe   yendru ,
Manamulla manithanukku   Avvai  chonnathu  ,
Athu Avvai chonnathu  ,
Athil artham  ullathu.
2.When you are in high places , the world respects you,
When your position comes down , even your shadow will stamp on you,
Do not step on the   gate of those  who do not respect you,
Said poet Avvayar   to the man with self respect  ,
It was told by poet Avvayar,
There  is meaning there.
3.Vandi oda  chakkarangal   irandu mattum vendum,
Antha irandil ondru chiriyathendral  , yentha vandi odum,
Unai pola  alavodu uravada  vendum  ,
Uyarnthorum   thaazhnthorum   uravu kolvathu  ,
Athu chirumai yenpathu ,
Athil artham ullathu.
3.For the cart to run two wheels are needed,
And if among those two one is smaller , which cart would run,
Like you   when you move it should  be within limits
The  rich people establishing relation with poor,
Is termed as inferior,
There  is meaning in that.
4.Neeyum naanum chernthirunthom,
Nilavum vaanum pola-naan,
Nilavu pola theynthu vandhen , nee valarnthathale  ,
Yen ullam yenai parthu keli cheyyum pothu ,
Illathaan  il vaazhvil nimmathi yethu  -ithu,
Kanavan chonnathu  ,
Ithil artham ullathu.
4.You and me were  living together  ,
Like the  moon and the sky and,
I started becoming small like the moon  , because  yyou were growing,
When my mind was  teasing me , looking t me  ,
Where is peace in  home life of  the one who  is poor  ,
This was told by the husband  ,
There is meaning in that.
Film Soorya Kanthi  (1973)


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